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The School Centre Postojna consists of the secondary school, the higher vocational college and the dislocated secondary school unit in Ilirska Bistrica. At the secondary school, in addition to vocational education, we also carry out general education (general secondary school).

In our vocational education programme (VET) we offer an education for :

  • a metal sharper – toolmaker,
  • a car mechatronic,
  • a mechanical engineering technician,
  • a computer science technician,
  • an economic technician.

The work at our school follows a long-term strategy that provides highly qualified students for the labour market either in the domestic and a wider European area. To get highly qualified students we offer, among other things, various international activities. For a consistent and proper implementation of international activities the students are involved in we need to supply well-trained teachers, so we constantly provide opportunities for their training development as well as an upgrade of their competencies.

We are a proud holder of:

–           a National award – Jabolko kakovosti

–           the VET mobility charter